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Balance Bike leg&go 3 in 1 - 223478

Balance Bike leg&go 3 in 1 - 223478

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This 3-in-1 bike is the foundation for a lasting friendship with leg&go.

Without additional parts, you can assemble your leg&go bike into a Baby Bike, Bouncy Bike or Balance Bike. In addition, you can choose add-ons for your bike to change it quickly and easily into a Rocking Elephant, Downhill Bike, Tricycle or Pedal Bike. With its clever transformations, the leg&go bike teaches your child to walk, balance and pedal in a safe and fun way!

The Baby Bike (age 10 months - 2 years) is made for little ones who have just learned to stand: it is the perfect companion to encourage them to take their first steps and develop their sense of balance. With an upside-down frame, this is the lowest variant of all. Suitable for the youngest riders, whose foot height is only 25 cm. 

The Bouncy Bike (ages 2 - 3 years) is the perfect choice for packed, but safe rides. The frame construction of this version provides increased natural suspension, turning sailing into fun.

The Balance Bike (ages 1.5 - 5 years) is the classic version of leg&go. It is highly adjustable in size – adjust the angle of the front fork, seat height, distance between the seat and the handlebar according to the age of your child to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic ride. 

Balance Bike 3in1 technical specifications: 

- Wheels: front 14", rear 12" 

- Seat height: 25–47 cm 

- Bike length: 95.4–99 cm 

- Bike weight: 3.3 kg 

- Suitable for ages: 10 months to 5 years 

- 2-year warranty

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